I chose the akhlut because it looked like a fun, but still a challenging one to do for this project. I chose to color it the way i did because of all the picture i saw had it colored very similarly. It is a spirit that takes the form of both a wolf and an orca. It is a vicious, dangerous beast. Its tracks can be recognized because they are wolf tracks that lead to and from the ocean. Often, dogs seen walking to the ocean and or into it are considered evil. Little is known of this spirit, other than that it shapeshifts from an orca to a wolf when hungry. Not many myths relate to this creature but a great number of myths tell of creatures that shift thier shape. It’s normally portrayed as a mix of an orca and a wolf.


This is my inspiration and the photo i chose to mostly base the color off of. I also chose it because it is the best portrayed picture of the sketch given to us, although it is missing the hair.